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I will help you transform your life!

As a motivational speaker, I spend most of the time touring across America and holding my events across the states… With more than 100 events held yearly on average, tens of thousands of people cannot be wrong!

Yearly I go out to an average of 100 speaking events! That’s an average of 1 every 3 days, each accommodating more than 5000 people! Thousands of people cannot be wrong!

The fact that my events get overbooked regardless of which state does the event occurs in says it all! People just know from their personal experience or from the recommendations of their friends, colleagues or relatives, that my life coaching works and motivates to be and achieve more!


Silvester Neidhardt

Mike Bridge, better known at his North-Western University alma mater’s Debate Classes as “the Motivator” is a rock star in the motivational speeches business!
Do you think that your life can be so much better?

Sie haben Recht - es kann und muss sein! Folgen Sie meinen motivierenden Vorträgen und lesen Sie mein Buch und Broschüren zur persönlichen Entwicklung, um Ihr Leben zu verändern!

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